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Top quality hair extensions

We provide superior quality 100% natural human hair extensions (suitable for all hair types) , remi, kanakelon, monofibre, toyokalon & profibre synthetic hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs at great prices.

What are hair extensions

Hair extensions are a technique of adding hair that is not your own onto your own hair. This is achieved by different methods (Weaving, Braiding, Bonding, Strand by Strand, Latch hook etc. ).
They are applied by skilled hair professionals and offer instant methods of changing your appearance. They can be washed, cut and styled to a person's individual taste.


Why wear them

People wear hair extensions for different reasons:-
1). If you wish to change your appearance but not permanently. Hair extensions can be used to make your hair longer, fuller, a different color, funkier or more glamorous.

2). Hair extensions or wigs are great for concealing hair thinning or any other scalp conditions.





Where does the hair come from

The hair we sell comes from different places in the world. So we guarantee that the hair we sell is 100% Human Natural human hair.

Some people think that human hair comes from dead people. Well be reassured "IT DOESN'T" !! People grow their hair long and then sell it to factories that produce a finished products in 100% natural human hair. The hair is then processed to different textures and colors and then you have the finished product.






How many packets do I need

If doing medium to small braids you will need 2 packets of hair. If a hair dresser is doing your hair it is advisable to check with them as to how much you require for the hair style.

For weaves you should need about 2 packets. Once again this depends on the style.

For other methods eg strand by strand you will need to consult with your hair dresser.


How is it put in

The basic items required for hair extensions listed below

1) Weaving








Weaving Hair











2) Braiding








Human Hair


Synthetic Hair




3a) Fusion - Strand By Strand





Glue Gun


Glue Sticks




3.b) Fusion - Strand by Strand





Hair Extension System






4) Bonding








Bonding Glue


Glue Remover





How do you look after hair extensions

For all Human Hair
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Use a solution of mild non-conditioning shampoo to wash.
  • Always wash with head in upright position and lightly run fingers through hair. (if done at home)
  • Rinse out thoroughly

Curl and Wavy Hair

  • Remove excess water carefully
  • Spray the hair lightly with braid sheen
  • Using a large toothed comb, comb through hair while still damp and leave to dry naturally.

Corkscrew Hair

  • Remove excess water
  • Spray hair lightly with Braid sheen
  • Gently separate curls with fingers and leave to dry naturally.

Silky/Euro and Regular Kinky Hair

  • Remove excess water
  • Spray lightly with braid sheen
  • Blow dry, then curl if curl effect is desired. Thermal irons are great for this. Check out our Golden Supreme range

Yaki and Pony Wave

  • Remove excess water
  • Spray hair lightly with Braid sheen
  • Blow dry, then curl if curl effect is desired<


Can I dye the hair

Yes, Human hair can be dyed, but it is advisable to test a small piece of it prior to dying all of it.  Also please remember that the hair has already been processed, so if dying the hair try to choose a hair color which is already a near match to desired color.


How are the extensions applied?

Extensions are applied with a small braid.
A thin piece of synthetic hair is then wrapped around the braid, and heated to form a bond.
This does not melt into your own hair. I use spirit gum to help, but here is no glue or wax. Spirit gum is a theatrical resin that does not harm hair in any way.
No cutting of your own hair is necessary to remove extensions.

What kind of hair do you use?

I use only high quality synthetic and human hair.
I have hair shipped to me from only the best suppliers in the world and never skimp to save money.
Pertaining to loose synthetic hair, I
never use cheap "silky" hair.
This hair does not last in the hair and deteriorates within days.
Any stylist who uses this type of hair (which can be found in local ethnic supply stores) is
not professional.
For braids and dreads I only use high quality braiding or "wavy" hair.
Usually Zury or Softex brand (for those in the know).

What about extensions that are knotted with thread? Or fusion extensions?

Knotted/Pinch braid extensions are good, but tend to be bulkier.
For more natural styles this method might not work for more conservative/discreet clients.

Fusion extensions are good for people that have thin or short hair.
The disadvantages are that it sheds, and removal can be tricky.

How much does it cost?

Hair extensions range in price from $100 to $850. The price you pay depends on the hairstyle you want and the amount of extensions needed.

How long has this type of extension been around?

Heat-sealed extensions were developed by Simon Forbes in the early eighties at The Antenna Salon in London, England. I have received training directly from them and I have been doing this method since 1986.
The service has been refined through the years and is now not the "wild" hair service it once was.
My clients range in age from 9-85, with every look imaginable.

How long does my hair have to be?

3 inches.

How long does it take to have the service done?

That depends on the style you are having done. Color highlights might take 30 minutes, and braids up to 10 or more hours. A regular full head of human or synthetic hair takes 3-5 hours, depending on the individual.

With synthetic hair, is there a special way to keep them from getting all tangled up?

A good, cheap, animal fat free, detangling conditioner is best. Keep in mind that the hair itself DOES NOT absorb anything you put on it. Conditioner just aids in comb ability. Do not put conditioner on the scalp. Bending over and applying to length only is the easiest way to do this. Using any spray in conditioner also is good. (not on the scalp!) You can revert your synthetic extensions back to their original state by brushing out ALL knots, then smoothing with a hot blow-dryer and brush. I recommend that you allow the stylist to do this. It can be tricky. Hair that has been "burned" by heat cannot be reverted and must be replaced.

How long will they stay in before they start to fall out?

With proper care, you shouldn't lose too many of the extensions. Losing 20 or less within the lifetime of the extensions is common. I replace any extensions for free within the first month, but this rarely happens. Just be careful to not overuse conditioner on the scalp, and DO NOT pick at the bonds.

What is the price difference between synthetic and human hair?

Human hair is much more expensive than synthetic hair.
Expect to pay about $100-$500 more on top of the actual hair extension service.

Are extensions just for people who want long hair?

Extensions can incorporate color, volume and texture to your existing hairstyle without the use of damaging chemicals. ANY color can be added without worry.

Can I color the hair once its on my head?

Synthetic hair does not accept color, although the lighter colors of synch hair have been known to pick up color, such as black, or manic panic/special effects/punchy color type hair color.
It isn't advisable to color the human hair as it has already been chemically processed.
(but it has been done)
You are able to do retouches to your own hair without a problem.
Extra careful rinsing (3 times longer than usual) is imperative if you are doing the retouch yourself.

How long will they last?

With proper care, they should last at least 3 months.

Will they fall out if I brush it too hard?

No, they are secure.
Using a soft bristle brush on the scalp will ensure that no snagging will occur.

Can I use a curling iron/hot rollers/blow-dryer?

On human hair, yes. On synthetic hair, just the blow-dryer or hot rollers.
Using a curling iron on synthetic hair will melt it right off.

Is the hair flammable?

No. Synch hair just melts, and human hair, well you know what that does.

How are they removed?

Your extensions should be removed after three to four months. Removal is easy.
Simply crack the heat seal by twisting it, then the extension slides off.
Then the hair is combed free of trapped hair.

Will my hair come out when the extensions are removed?

Normal daily hair loss is 50-100 hairs per day. When you wear extensions, the hair you normally lose is trapped in the extension and does not fall out naturally.
When you see some of your hair coming out with the extension, don't worry!

Leigh Grogan

 The Sacramento Bee Editor

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